Jumbo White Moon Jelly 10 inch

These handmade jellyfish paperweights are 9 inches in height and glow in the dark, mimicking the beautiful phenomenon of underwater bioluminescence. This piece come with a free led base to change colors of light underneath. The duration and intensity of the glow in the dark will depend on how much light the art piece absorbs.The more light the higher the intensity. To learn about the glow protein, called Bioluminescence, Please read below.

Bioluminescence occurs through a chemical reaction that produces light energy within an organism's body. For a reaction to occur, a species must contain luciferin, a molecule that, when it reacts with oxygen, produces light. There are different types of luciferin, which vary depending on the animal hosting the reaction. Many organisms also produce the catalyst luciferase, which helps to speed up the reaction.