Double Blue Green Jellyfish

The Blue Green jellyfish lives in Ibiza Spain. This jellyfish gets it name from eating Blue Green Algae found on the island.They are edible jellyfish and considered a delicacy, served with ice cream.

Mesmerizing Jellyfish floating in the Oceans current. They have spend most of their life, floating around for over 200 million years.These jellyfish are 6.5 inches tall and are the perfect paperweight for home office, or beach house.They glow in the dark and represent the Bio-luminescence of jellyfish. A glow protein that has helped protect jellyfish for millions of years

  • This is a double jellyfish standing 6 inches tall. These handmade jellyfish paperweights are 6 inches in height and glow in the dark.
  • Bio-luminescence occurs through a chemical reaction that produces light energy within an organism's body.
  • They come with a commitment to always glow in the dark, allowing them to glow for many years to come
  • This is priced without led light base. They are sold additionally. This product Glows in the Dark, and is one of a kind unlike others