Small Jellyfish

This is our best selling product. They are 4.8 inches tall and Glow in the Dark. This is the perfect gift. This size comes with a free led base.

Our Product Lines

Real Jellyfish Paperweights
​The only Real Jellyfish Paperweight in the market today. We make the highest quality products in the world. Each product is hand made in our studio.

Our Mermaid Pendants are handmade in our studio using glass lampworking techniques of times of the past. We design each and every piece of the highest quality glass.

We Ship 3 day Priority Mail.

Handmade Pendants of Pyrex

Moon Jellies

Blue Green Ibizia

This jellyfish is found every other leap year. The Blue Green jellyfish get their striking color from eating Algae in the Southern Coast line of Spain.

7 inch Medusas

These jellyfish art pieces are 7 inches tall and are the highest quality pieces we make.

Yes, They are Real and Glow in the Dark